Her Parents Left Her Alone With The Dogs. When They Came Back, They Were Stunned.

By Maggie Watson

For many families, the first baby they’ll ever have is the furry, four-legged kind. But when it’s time to bring a human child into your home, you don’t always know if your dog will react well.

He Approached A Deadly Leopard Seal Very Carefully... When He Got In The Water, It All Took A Turn.

By Maggie Watson

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen took on an assignment that he likely would never forget: He was asked to photograph leopard seals, the most vicious species of seals on the planet. Leopard seals have been known to attack humans, so, understandably, Paul was somewhat reticent to take on the project.

They Gave This Rare Eagle An X-Ray... And What They Found Stunned Everyone In The Room.

By Paul Fox

The Steppe Eagle is a rare bird of prey known for having massive talons and a huge wingspan. While they seem imposing, they are not invincible, and their population is decreasing too quickly.

Russian Farmer Thought He Found Kittens In His Barn — But You Won't Believe What They Really Are!

By Mark Hardy

No one expects to find something incredible in their own backyard, but sometimes the unlikely happens. A farmer was making the rounds on his land when he came across creatures unlike anything he had ever seen before. They looked like kittens, but definitely not the domesticated ones he’s seen before.

These 31 Classic Moments Show Exactly What It's Really Like To Have A Dog... Especially #13!

By Maggie Watson

Having a dog can be one of the best experiences in life. We get so attached to our little fuzzy pet, they become a member of the family. People like to imagine that their dog is smarter and more adorable than just about everyone else’s dog—they’re sort of like children in that way—but in reality, there are plenty of things all of these four-legged creatures have in common.

He Found This Baby Crying Alone On The Beach, And What Followed Defies All Odds.

By Maggie Watson

When a volunteer from Monterey Bay Aquarium heard a tiny cry for help, he started looking all over for the noise. After searching high and low, he soon found the source of the sound: an orphaned baby otter.

These Are The 25 Longest-Living Dog Breeds In The World. The Last One Will Surprise You.

By Maggie Watson

There are a lot of great reasons to adopt a mixed breed dog. Purebred dogs, while amazing in their own right, are often plagued with health issues and tend to have shorter lives. What mixes lack in pedigree they make up for in health, personality, and lifespan.

They Were About To Euthanize This Cat, But What Happened Instead Will Melt Your Heart.

By Tom Carlson

People always say that cats are selfish and cold. But anyone who has ever had a cat knows that this stereotype is not accurate at all. Cats can be just as affectionate and loving as dogs. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the story of a Polish cat named Ramadenes.

This Large Bear Spotted A Cat In Its Enclosure, And Did Something No One Ever Expected.

By Tom Carlson

Bears are at the top the food chain for many different reasons: their claws, their massive size, their ferocious bite. You don’t reach that sort of status for nothing.

This Might Be The Strangest Living Thing On Earth, And We Still Can't Believe It’s Real.

By Maggie Watson

Earth is a weird place full of strange creatures (including us, if we’re being honest), but this thing might just take home the trophy.